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if you have visited this site to obtain a university degree or a diploma from ministry of education and training, we should inform you that this institution does not carry out any activities in these fields, therefore please take a little time to read the following materials in order to be better acquainted with the regulations of issuing certificates of equivalence
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Soroush Elm Scientific Research Institute is proud to be at your service with years of useful educational experience and experienced and trained staff for determining the level of your scientific vocational and academic records in the field of issuing certificates of equivalence at different levels

Dear customers, please note that certificates of equivalence can be obtained according to your work records/vocational technical certificates or your remaining academic units in the field related to your work records or vocational technical certificates equivalent to the applied knowledge level of diploma/associate /bachelor’s/master’s and doctoral certificate
Therefore, it is necessary to mention that such certificates have limited defined uses

: Certificates of equivalence are usually used for the following purposes

a) Employment in semi-governmental and private companies and offices according to the internal rules of the relevant organization (equivalent certificates may not be accepted in government offices, therefore, If you like to present them to governmental offices, please make sure that they be accepted in the desired organization before obtaining them)

b) Salary increases and job promotion (according to the internal regulations of the relevant organization)

c) Obtaining a business permit from some unions (according to the internal rules of the relevant union)

d) Strengthening work resume for immigration and residence

e) Raising the social status in the family and society for people without proper academic degrees

: Very important note

Please note that in Soroush Elm Research Institute, we will not issue any university degrees including (the degrees of Islamic Azad University/Payam Noor/Applied Science/Non-profit universities) and also diplomas of ministry of education and training, because basically the only valid way to obtain a university degree or a diploma of ministry of
education and training is only through legal pursuit of education in a school approved by the Ministry of Education or a university approved by the Ministry of Science, and therefore the other methods of obtaining a diploma of ministry of education and training and the university degree will definitely cause you to be scammed, therefore please be careful in your choice

: Dear applicants, please pay attention to the following points carefully

  •  Such certificates will not be issued in any field under the  medical category
  • These certificates are in no way suitable for continuing education and things like obtaining a driving or military smart card; And only usually in private and semi-governmental companies, they can be accepted from a person

Descriptions of certificates of equivalence :

Certificates of equivalence can be issued in all fields and subfields (except for the medical category) according to your work records, vocational technical qualifications and the remaining university units from the diploma to doctoral level certificates of applied knowledge.

Please note that certificates of equivalence have nothing to do with the educational system of the Islamic Republic of Iran, including (Ministry of Science, Research and Technology / Ministry of Treatment and Medical Education / Ministry of Education and any university in Iran)

Currently, to inquire about university degrees or equivalence certificates of individuals, the online inquiry system is used to check the authentication of a person’s degree, and in the same way, dear applicants can use the (Certificate Inquiry) section of Soroush Elm website to inquire about their certificates of equivalence.

The certificates of equivalence issued by Soroush Elm International Institute can be officially translated, therefore they are suitable for completing the resume in immigration (please note that the translated copy of certificates of equivalence can not be used for continuing studies abroad).

The fee for issuing certificates of equivalence varies for different levels, and of course, it is a reasonable and fair fee that will be announced to you during registration by the institute’s consultants. It should be noted that this fee is approved according to the different equivalent certificate levels of diploma to doctorate ranging from 2,500,000 tomans to a maximum of 5,000,000 tomans.

If you were asked to pay a fee lower than the above amounts, there will be no problem with it, but if someone asked you to pay an amount higher than these amounts for registration, it is not approved by us and we will not accept any responsibility for receiving fees higher than the stated amounts.

Moreover, please pay close attention to the explanations given to you by the consultant at the time of registration, because after sending the documents and completing the registration form and depositing the advance payment by the applicant, it is not possible to cancel the registration and refund the payment by any means.